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July 21, 2013

Intresting Annual Report

Please look at the interesting snaps shots of annual report of small cap Vikash Metal & Power Limited.

How can news channel skipped this masala news of more than 90 crores robbery ?  Why not RGV making movies on it ? But , I believe it has enough material for Madur Bhandarkar to make Corporate -II .  What's your thought ?


  1. may be we have entrusted properties with wrong people! Forget news channels not even god can find the robber if it is insider. Have they given any details of the police complaint or insurance calim?

  2. Is the company intentionally “uglifying” its financial statement?

    1. Helli Vinayak ,
      By looking other write off we can come to our conclusion . I don't track fundamental of this company but there are some paper companies which are used by some people to make money from black to white .
      Please go through this article

  3. Hello Jagdish ,
    You are right, insider has countless way to cheat if they want . Yes , they have informed to exchange about FIR in one of announcement .

  4. "factory shield and building"!! how can a building get stolen??



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