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About Me

        Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog.  
            I have started this blog give value pick with 360 degree view. I am just expressing my view using this blog it is up to you to take investment decision.  I believe in safety of margin, while investing same time I do not hesitate to invest in few quality growth stocks using “GARP” (growth at a reasonable price) strategy of Warren Buffett .
        I see lot of research analysts come on TV channels and give their picks, when that stock is already moved up. I am going to provide my value pick analysis, when stock is not moved up and available cheap, of course with some preliminary check of corporate governance. I believe, value stock should have catalysts that may assist directly in the realization of underlying value.
        I started with Benjamin Graham's value investing style but eventually  moved to Warren Buffett , Charlie Munger ,Seth Klarman & Mohnish Pabrai's investing style . I give more than 50% weightage for value stocks in my portfolio.
      There are some important things for a value strategy. If a stock price is different from its intrinsic value, there is an upside in the stock you buy. The only thing that limits this upside is corporate governance. For example, if a company has a land asset and the value of the land is far more than the market capitalization of the stock of this company, then there is value. But if somebody surreptitiously takes away this asset in one way or another, the investment case is lost.
     I believe unless corporate governance norms are fully in force, value investors are at the mercy of company managements.We know that there is value, we are sure the promoter also knows that there is a value. So it becomes a bit of an issue as to how does one enforce corporate governance. Unlike in the West, where shareholders are fragmented and investors can actually influence the way companies run (company sell-outs, mergers and so on), that does not happen in India. Here, the promoters of companies take key decisions. For value investing to truly succeed, corporate governance should be at satisfactory level.

If you want to be long term good stock picker then do your own analysis , loose some money and learn . Don't depend on others . In fact , if I give 10 stocks pick from my blog then you should have skill to say no to at least 8-9 stock picks then only you will become better investor.

Failure, sure is the best teacher as long as we learn from our mistakes . I have moved from net-net value investing to “GARP” (growth at a reasonable price) value investing in 2013 .

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My some others portfolio stocks (Last update March 2016)  which I may or may not have discussed on the blog post .

Eicher motors (don't worry about share price too much , buy on every dips)
Britannia Industries Ltd
Pidilite Industries Ltd
Tata Elxsi Ltd  ( IOT space excite me )
Vinati Organics Ltd
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Capital First Ltd
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd
Cyient Ltd and Geometric Ltd(buy on every dips,3D printing will help in future to both)
Olympia Industries Ltd
TechNVision Ventures Ltd 


I am not an Investment advisor and do not provide this service via this Blog. The Blog is a personal diary and the stocks discussed on the blog represent my personal views and analysis. They are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks. I do not intend to recommend any stocks for financial or non-financial gains and may or may not be holding the stocks discussed on my blog.

In a nutshell - i am not responsible for the losses or gains made based on the information published on this Blog