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Useful Tips

     Annual Report 

     Most of the companies upload annual report on their website . But if do not get annual report from company's website then you can check on BSE web site . SEBI has made mandatory for Stock exchanges to provide annual report for download.  E.g  You can click on following link to download annual report of Infosys.

   Now click on "Filing & Other Info" section . 

  Quality Research Report of CRISIL & ICRA 

          BSE & NSE has introduced its Sponsored Research Initiative to address the needs of its listed companies and their investors. Under the Initiative, each participating company will be covered by Research/Rating firms and reports generated will be available free of charge. ICRA is providing research report for BSE , while CRISIL is providing research report for NSE. Refer following links to access these reports. ( BSE / ICRA) .   (NSE / CRISIL)

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  1. i have purchased 200 shares of rswm @ 140/- .I am not sure of fundamental of rswm . what should i do hold of sell please guide me.

  2. suggest me for good portfolio scrips in nifty



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