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November 5, 2015

Prem Watsa Acquire ADI Finechem Limited

     Prem Watsa (Fairfax India)  has entered into an agreement with existing shareholders of ADI Finechem Limited ("ADI") to acquire approximately 45% of the outstanding shares of ADI at a price per share of INR 212 per share (collectively, the "Shareholder Transaction") for total consideration of approximately INR 1.3 billion.

ADI Finechem Limited is one of my portfolio stock which was under-performing in the recent past .

Current price is very attractive opportunity to enter or increased holding in it . Now it will Prem Watsa  company and liked by Sanjay Bakshi . If I am not wrong then Sanjay Bakshi already like this stock and not sure if he holds it or not. I am not able to recollect where professor Sanjay Bakshi has mentioned about liking of this stock . But one thing is sure he has high liking for Prem Watsa  .

If you are long term value investors then I can see there is very limited downside at current price around 225 , but upside is high in the long term. 

Prem Watsa, Chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financials, has compounded book value at 21.2% and stock price at 19% since 1985. There was a great deal of excitement when Fairfax took over the Thomas Cook operations in India.

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  1. I was invested in this - got in around 170 when one of the old promoters was releasing pledge and selling, and the holding was very out around 320-330. It's funny how I got out of this stock. I met this really good investor, and I was discussing general market trends. Discussion veered towrards shift from artificial to natural - in all food, flavor and organic chemical industries. And then he happened to mention his investment in Fermenta Biotech and how it was a similar story, which got killed by Chinese competition. I promptly came back next day and sold all Adi :) Of course, Prem Watsa must have a different view. Disc: Not invested.

  2. Sir kindly tell me hw we can came to know when annual reports are uploaded on Bse website

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    I want to discuss one new stock please suggest how to communicate with you. Your mail address.



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