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December 2, 2015

TechNvision / Solix technologies : First big player implementation deal win for Solix Enterprise Archiving Big Data Suite .

Our tiny company TechNvision/Solix technologies ( Discussed here )  with mcap of below 50 crores( and BSE believe it should not move up more than 100% in year)  has been selected by more than 1600000 crores market cap (16.30B pound or 24.67B USD ) company BAE Systems for  Enterprise Archiving . Solix badly needed first big reference customer . This is just beginning more to come .

Solix Technologies, a leading provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions, announced today that multinational defense, security and aerospace company BAE Systems has selected the Solix Big Data Suite for enterprise archiving. BAE Systems partnered with Solix to retire its legacy applications and data, which will help the company reduce costs and meet compliance requirements.
According to Forrester, nearly 80 percent of enterprise data is unstructured, and 60 percent of this subset is stale or non-business related. Gartner recently named data growth as the top infrastructure challenge for data centers. As Forrester’s Noel Yuhanna wrote, “In the era of Big Data, archiving is a no-brainer investment.” Legacy applications require similar action--Capgemini found in its Application Landscape Report that up to 25 percent of applications in a typical enterprise computing portfolio are candidates to retire.
Archiving and/or retiring inactive data and applications into Apache Hadoop using Solix Big Data Suite allows companies to reduce the cost of enterprise data management. For enterprise-grade companies, Apache Hadoop is an ideal platform for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).
“In a world where users produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, enterprise archiving has become a critical tool for businesses,” said Sai Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of Solix. “We welcome BAE Systems to our growing list of Solix Big Data Suite clients.”


As a side note , I request you to go through must read interview of Ian Cassel ( on . I am big fan of Ian ,  Basnat sir and professor Sanjay Bakshi .

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  1. Hi, I'm a regular fan of your blog & really appreciate your continuous effort to search value investing.
    From last few days solix is not trading in exchange.Willing to know the issues.


    You can see more details at
    and additional exception criteria details at

    Since, on 1st Oct technvision was on 46 so as per BSE in one quarter it can go around 60% ( due to 5% filter) that is around Rs 73 .
    From 1st Jan 2016 it can moved max to Rs 92 .
    Lot of people has complained to BSE and somebody told me some petition is also filed against this decision .
    Let's see how much time it can continue .
    I am not sure why OLYMPIA INDUSTRIES LTD is in that filter since as per exception criteria if No. of public shareholders more than 10,000 it should be excluded .
    We need to write to BSE about it .

  3. Hi Sir, I am new to investing and I have recently found your blog. I am very much impressed with the analysis u were putting in Stock selection. Can u please suggest me few stocks of your recommendations which I enter at CMP. Thanks Sir

    1. Hi Anand ,
      I have invested mid and micrcap like Intrasoft , Olympia Industries and technvision , all are still good if you get at current price (even intrasoft) .
      Apart from this you should buy Eicher Motors , Britannia ,Tata Elxsi , Alembic pharma Ltd which are expensive but quality and You should be almost sure you will not loose money if you hold more than 3 years . Every big investors has paid learning fees by loosing money in stock market for self discovered stocks but eventually day by day you become good stock picker . If you want to be long term good stock picker then do your own analysis , loose some money and learn . Don't depend on others . In fact , if I give 10 stocks pick from my blog then you should have skill to say no to at least 8-9 stock picks then only you will become better investor.

  4. Just read interview of legend Ramesh Dhamani on Share Bazar app of . Thanks Arun bhai. Ramesh Dhamani has mentioned "Big Data Analytics" as his favorite sector for future . I am not sure if he knows about Technvision/Solix technologies , he might be referring some other company but Technvision/Solix technologies fits very much in Favourite sector description given by him .

    He said " Data is going to see huge huge explosion, for example , if we were to measure the amount of data which we generated in 2015 that would be more than the aggregate data of the last century so how do you play data ? you play by Telecom companies , storage companies etc . ( Favourite sector .. Big Data Analytics ) "

  5. Hi Anand, Thanks for bringing out this hidden company. I see that shares have been pledged.. Do you have any idea for the pledge.

  6. Hi Prabakaran ,
    I had posted my comments earlier first decision in reply to BR KATTAKATH comments. I am reposting it for your or new readers reference .

    Hello BR KATTAKATH ,
    Thanks for raising good point , I have missed to include in the concern section. Pledging is not always bad sometimes promoter genially need money to invest in business . I will have to find out reason of this pledging but this 37.53% pledging is from 2010 or earlier . Main concerned of pledging is getting margin call triggered and get sold at lower prices . It is not sold in last 5 years at least . If we think that TECHNVISION share price will go below 5 year low then it is risk else it is not much risk . In fact , we should be happy if promoter 8-10% holding get sold in open market , price will be somewhat crash in short term but liquidity will be get increased .

  7. valuepickr discussion on STRINGENT CIRCUIT FILTER of Weekly / Monthly /Quarterly /Yearly .

    Investors can email to , or contact , A investor spoke to Yogendra Daxini at BSE on the following phone number: 022-2272 5092 and he assured him that BSE is taking effective steps to rectify this error with a more suitable system and that it be out by early next month. 022-2272 5092

  8. Hi Sir,

    Nice Article. Wanted to share some of the information that I could get to

    From what I see Big data is a highly competitive market driven by innovation. However there is a huge market and different specializations are possible based on the clients line of business

    I do know that Fractal is doing really well in this space and Tera Data is also good.

    Solix is also mentioned in the second article as a Silicon Valley-based data management company. While this company really looks good need to see if they are committed to growing it or happy selling it.

    1. Thanks Alex ,
      I agree with you , different specializations are possible based on the clients line of business

      Solix is not plain vanilla big data service provider , they do have some differentiable products . If customer requirements is close to product feature then they will choose Solix and do some more customization .BAE Systems selected Solix because they has some certain compliance requirements which they felt can be achieved by Solix Big Data Suite . Any product of any company, if solves some problem of customer then it will find some market for themselves automatically. It is very huge market and if it gets very little share then also it going to change life of company (may be even shareholders) since it has very low market cap.Next few months they will launch SAP archiving product which will also address some specific issues of customer related to huge data and compliance issues.

  9. Hi, ur view on Compucom Software?

    1. I avoid to give any view on any particular stock unless I have spent enough time to analyse it . I do some basic hygiene check (Check List) before selecting stock, Compucom fails on it . But , as I said I can't select or reject without doing proper research on it which may take at least few hours since even though if stock fail on checklist,I give some exception, it may get selected based on further analysis some factors or past is not good but future is good . But all this need lot of analysis . I am not full time investors so don't get time to look into each stock in details and I don't want to give any comments just based on few minutes of analysis evev though that may be accurate .


  10. Solix Joins the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program and Achieves HDP Certification (Dec 15 2015)

  11. Hi Sir, I have tried to do some scuttlebutt on this Company but have been unsuccessful so far. Please share new insights (if any).



    1. Hi Harsh ,
      Repeating same comment of another page. TechnVision(Solix) is like concept stock . I am not going to sell single share even though next 2 years results are not good . This is precondition so it will not changed based on few more decent or bad result. It is tiny market cap company with good products (based on big data) , nobody knows when product will get traction in market . Secondally , It is always going to be takeover candidate so we can't apply tactics like sell now and by again . We will have to hold it long . My objective to to build wealth over next 5-6 years in this stock & not next month or year .

  12. Noted Sir. I agree. Thank you for taking the time out to respond.

  13. Hi Value2Wealth,

    I have spoken to a senior person at IBM in USA. He is not part of the ILM division, however, he was able to speak to a colleague who was in there and the feedback within IBM about Solix is fairly average. They have assessed Solix as a competitor and found a few areas lacking such as:

    1. Solix can still be spread thin when it comes to project implementation as they are very small.
    2. They will still need out of the box solutions going forward.

    The fact is that they are doing one small portion in the whole Big Data theme and in most cases, such companies get acquired by a larger competitor (maybe Dell Services, IBM or Cognizant themselves could acquire Solix down the line and even the promoter had mentioned that he is open to acquisition).

    In such a scenario, one can only pray that minority share-holders will get something, as we own Technvision Ltd and not Solix directly.

    Pls share your views and any updates on the company.


  14. Hello Ankit , first of all I apologized for not visiting my own blog regularly to reply comments and thanks for checking with IBM .
    First of agree there is risk , how Sai is going to treat minority shareholders . It depends on what type of person he is . One can not take guarantee of blood relatives then how can we guarantee a person whom we never met . We can wait only for hints thrown by him .
    Secondally , If some strong investors enter in it , then probability of wrong doing by small companies get reduced . Since , risk reward is in our favour we can take this risk .

    Now from the business point of view I am sure Solix and Sai has great future ahead . It is up to him how much he shares that success with minority shareholders . It is not right to compare with Freshdesk but some how I feel it will taste success like freshdesk . Right comparison of Freshdesk can be done with Ramco System . Some people are started to saying, that Freshdesk is next Infosys of India . If you look 3-4 years back how many people has given a chance to compete Freshdesk against big giant like Salesforce . I believe Solix from business point of view at same juncture where Freshdesk or even Zendesk was there 3-4 years back.
    If anyhow Solix can follow path of Freshdesk then Solix can taste good success .
    No doubt, if in year or so Solix don't show at least top line growth then we will naturally get frustrated. However , I am in opinion to give it enough time to start performing at least at top line front .

  15. Sagacity Software is one of the best Big Data Analytics Company in india. Sagacity is the top comapany providing services for big data analytics. It offers high performance, analytical solutions for enterprises.



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