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September 11, 2017

Profit Booking Call

Intrasoft Technologies Ltd.
We have initially recommended Intrasoft when it was trading in range of 45 and 52  in Dec 2014
Now, it is trading at Rs 509. It is 11.31 times return from a low price of Rs 45, excluding dividend.
Some of the followers might have bought in the range of 45 to 55, but most of them might not have the patience to hold for the long term. So not many of my blog followers might have lucky to make more than 10 times on this Intrasoft.
Nevertheless, it was a fruitful journey. Now, I am giving profit booking call on Intrasoft to sell your 90% quantity. You can still remain invested with 10%.
Intrasoft story is still intact but there are going to be headwinds for growth. This is my gut feeling that time to book profit in Intrasoft , One can’t express every investment decision in words .

Olympia Industries Ltd :
 Similarly, I am also concerned about the total number of feedback count on Olympia Industries Ltd which is good indicators of performance of the company.
GST has even impacted cloudtail . They were earlier having two entities Cloudtail and Cloudtail India. One of this (Cloudtail) has stopped business. So if you combine sales of both then they are also seeing the decline.
Before GST implementation (till June) Olympia has reached to 10000 listing from normal 6500. But now it came back to below 5000.So definitely a concern. It is not working as I expected .This is may be due to GST .We may see the impact of it for next 1-2 quarters. If you wish then book profit and move to another counter and come back once see some visible positive indicators. BTW, I will still remain invested in it. May be if I decide to sell in near future then I will sell around 20% quantity.

TechNVision Ventures Ltd:
Solix technologies(TechNVision) is concept stocks . I am going to give time till at least till 2020. I am not going to sell before that unless something drastic negative happens. I believe the story is getting unfolded nicely but it is not getting captured in numbers. I believe, first, it should be captured in top-line growth, then in the bottom line.

Next Stock Pick :
Finally, I got some value pick with the margin of safety. But, It is illiquid stock. I am also waiting for some correction in it. But, in the bull market sometimes waiting may be a costly mistake but it doesn’t look like it will move fast. I will work on writing analysis next week-end. Till then bye .

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    1. Indian banks will also take but it will take some time . The products offered by Solix are very less percentage of overall banking product system . and Solix might be giving discount or doing on very less price for establishing their foot because they are very small player.S0,top line is also not growing as expected . We will have to wait.

  2. Hi Sir, Waiting for your next stock pick very eagerly. Thank you very much for your time and for new pick.

    1. Thanks venu , sorry for the delay in providing value picks . Due to family emergency couldn't give time to blog on weekend.
      I hope you will like analysis of Fomento and provide some constructive feedback if any .

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Harpreet ,
      I am still holding it and may be increased it based on story and if financial result improves.I believe you came very late , we discussed stock at Rs 45 . So most of the followers might got less than 60 or avg around 60 .Once , price increases then margin of safety reduced . I will not suggest you to buy at 200.if it comes down below 130 then you may consider it based on how story is shaping. This is concept stock give it time and don't invest more than 3-4% of your portfolio in it.

  4. Sir, Technvision one cannot sell even one share never no buyer, GDPR etc so many ideas concepts but never reflected in no's. Please give your latest views on Technvision and results declared. Regards.

  5. Sir as already mentioned Technvision buy price is 200.Overall big data market is very less? , Are they not masters in Cloud Computing look 8K Miles how it is flying on Cloud Computing Concept, Please your views.

  6. Sir now with GDPR Coming ,Technvision has not shown good Topline even what to say about bottonline please keep updating ur views stock at 52 weeks low.also emagia Gia.



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